Fast Track Your ICF Build!

Fast track your ICF build and minimize the time in the trenches with the Foothold ICF Footing System. The ICF Footing System consists of two main parts:

  • Plastic form tie
  • 2” foam planks (EPS or XPS) available at local builders supply.

The Foothold itself is a “stay in place” footing form with nothing to strip: No wood planks. No stakes. No spreader boards.

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What is The Foothold ICF footing system?

The Foothold Footing Form Tie is a molded plastic part made in the USA from recylcled polypropelene.

Simply cut 2 inch thick rigid foam planks (XPS or EPS) available at your local building supply and insert them into the openings in The Foothold and you have an ICF for footings that is compatible with all major brands of ICFs.


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The Footholds are sold in boxes of 25 at $98.00 each box. Each box contains enough material for approximately 32 linear. ft. of footing. 


Questions about The Foothold ICF?

Call us now at 860-833-8739.

Concrete ICF Footing Forms Owner

James Ryan - Owner, The Foothold ICF

Mr. Ryan is a construction executive from West Hartford, Connecticut, with an extensive background in commercial and residential construction. Having served in the U.S. Navy Seabees for five years Mr. Ryan is thoroughly versed in the planning and construction of complicated structures. Under adverse conditions and restrictive time constraints he has successfully managed the completion of bridges, operations facilities and emergency housing. Among his special assignments was the construction of security facilities at President Ronald Reagan’s ranch in Santa Barbara, California. The project included construction of a helicopter pad, hanger, communication and Secret Service facilities.

In 1983 following his military career, Mr. Ryan founded Ryan Framing, a residential building company serving the greater Hartford market. This carpentry company was responsible for the construction of single family wood frame houses from 2000 – 6000  sq. ft. and condominium buildings from 2 – 20 units.

In 1998 Mr. Ryan began working in the Insulating Concrete Form industry constructing weathertite ICF structures for General Contractors and Owner/ Builders including homes, commercial buildings, foundations, and additions. As a member of the Home Builders Association of Hartford County and the Insulating Concrete Form Association he has become an expert in residential and commercial Insulating Concrete Form construction.

Now, in 2016, Jim Ryan has opened ICF Supply Company which will focus on the sales of Insulating Concrete Forms, accessories, and Technical Support for the builder both in the planning stage and in the field. With years of field experience he is able to offer assistance with:

  • Plan review
  • Arch details
  • Floor and roof connections
  • Door and window best practices
  • Bracing options
  • Time saving techniques

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